Vicarias Blue Label Corojo - #1 Cigar of 2015 - Cigar Tipster

Blended by José Blanco

The Invictis is an awesome smoke, if we do say so ourselves. José Blanco is a world-renowned blender, and it is offerings like this one that illustrate why he is so highly regarded. José's blends are known for their complexity, and this delivers in spades. However, it is also probably the strongest cigar he has ever developed. What is unusual is that the strength is delivered using primarily Dominican tobacco.


The name was inspired by a poem by William Ernest Henley in which the last two lines are: "I am the Master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul." This spirit is an eternal driving force for success in any of life’s endeavors, and Invictis is the cigar to accompany you on that journey.


Robusto 5.25 x 50


Corona 5.5 x 46


FILLER: Dominican Criollo ‘98 and Piloto Cubano / BINDER: Dominican Republic / WRAPPER: Ecuador Habano

Toro 6 x 54

TRE J CIGARS is uniquely located in Southwest Ohio. The company owners are Jay Clark, John Johnson and Jerry Garrett. All three having first names beginning with the letter "J" was an obvious inspiration for naming the company TRE J CIGARS.


The three "J"s were friends that regularly attended smoking events in their local area. They shared a deep fascination for the cigar industry that went beyond being a mere hobby. They wanted to be in the business, but just getting started was a challenge. Having no background in the cigar business meant starting from scratch.


The first year was spent learning and

networking. Jay, John and Jerry worked to

learn the business from farm to factory to

store. Jay set up the corporate and financial

structure. Jerry immersed himself in learning

about tobacco and blending. John attended

every available event and trade show. He also

began learning to roll cigars, as well as

working in retail to learn that side of the



John's networking introduced the fledgling

company to many industry people who would become their friends and mentors. In a business as competitive as cigars, it was a pleasant surprise to find people who were so open and helpful. The wisdom and friendship of people such as Matt Booth, Tom Lazuka, Sam Leccia, Miguel Schoedel and Chris Carver was indispensable, especially in our first year. We take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank them.


In the next couple of years, TRE J, with the help of their friends, started to learn the art of the leaf. They developed a concept for their first brand, to be called VICARIAS. Blends, band and box design had to be done. To manufacture our first cigar, we were extremely fortunate to partner with Tabacaleras Las Lavas in the Dominican Republic, owned by the wonderful Cuevas family.


Almost three years later, on March 21, 2014, VICARIAS Cigars was launched nationally at Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield, Ohio.


2014 was a great start for TRE J with VICARIAS, but almost immediately thoughts turned to "what next?" The VICARIAS line featured great cigars ranging in strength from mild to medium-full. The next logical step was obviously a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar. That cigar would be INVICTIS. It would take a great cigar to live up to that name.


Luckily, Jay had developed a friendship with another great mentor - master blender and cigar legend José Blanco. José graciously created INVICTIS exclusively for TRE J CIGARS at Tabacalera Palma. Emma Viktorsson conceived the artwork and box design. It is, indeed, a cigar worthy of the name.

Our latest, the VICARIAS Red Label, was introduced at the 2016 IPCPR and has been a hit ever since.


We've been around for awhile now and TRE J CIGARS is thriving, but we are still learning as we grow. It is our commitment to you, the consumer, to produce world class, premium cigars for you to enjoy.




Tre J Cigars - Works of Art!


Jan/Feb 2019 - Cigar Snob Magazine - Vicarias Red Label - RATED 90 - "Covered with a dark wrapper with slight veins, this medium plus strength blend is consistently well-constructed. Delivers intense flavors of wood, pepper and raisin accompanied by more subtle notes of earth, cocoa and cinnamon."


May 2017 - Cigar Herf - Vicarias White Label - "Everything about Vicarias White Label is complete

Feb 2017 - Good Lifer blog - Vicarias Red Label - "...a solid medium with a full load of entrancing flavors. I strongly recommend this cigar and for me is box worthy..."

Dec 2016 - Good Lifer blog - Vicarias Red Label - #3 Favorite Cigar of 2016!

Sep 2016 - Stogie Press - Invictis - Rough Cut Cigar Review: "...a fine 90 minute smoke that delivered on flavor and strength."

Aug 2016 - Smooth Draws Radio Show/ - Invictis - "An experienced smoker with a well developed palate will find this a perfect cigar for lighting up after dinner. We feel this cigar is a home run."

Aug 2016 - Val Bradshaw - Invictis - "There’s no flaws to the Tre J Invictis – often a rarity in cigars. It just keeps burning even & true. A pleasure at any time, this cigar suits any time of day. You’ll need at least an hour for this cigar … an hour well spent. Truly, a joy to smoke!"

Mar 2016 - Cigar Dojo - Sam Leccia voted the Vicarias Black Label one of the top five Maduro cigars in the world.

Mar 2016 - Good Lifer blog - Vicarias Blue Label - "...a spicy, robust taste with notes of black pepper, earth, leather, cocoa, cedar and delicious sweetness that can only come from the Peruvian tobacco, for me a medium/full profile enjoyment."

Feb 2016 - Good Lifer blog - Vicarias Black Label - "... beautiful balance and complexity, A1 construction, great draw..." " The Vicarias Cigars, now that I have tried the whole line, I can truly say that they are superb smokes. These are box worthy all of them."

Jan 2016 - Cigar Tipsters - Vicarias Blue Label - rated their Favorite Smoke of 2015 "A five country blend of tobacco makes this one of the best medium body cigars on the market today."!favorite-smokes---2015-edition/c1vgd

Jan 2016 - Good Lifer blog - Vicarias White Label - " Nice triple cap, almost invincible (sic) seams and superb construction and a very sturdy light gray ash... wonderful early morning and mid morning smoke enjoyment.”

Dec 2015 - - Invictis - "...very well-blended and stays consistent throughout."

Dec 2015 - Cigar and Spirits magazine - Invictis - Rated 89

Aug 2015 - Cigar Chairman - Vicarias White Label - "... a nice morning smoke. It's definitely something that mild to medium smokers would enjoy. Give them a try."

Oct 2014 - Leaf Enthusiast - Vicarias Black Label - 9.5/10 - "... an excellent full-bodied smoke. It displayed up-front flavor while never overpowering with strength and was enjoyable all the way down to the nub."

Oct 2014 - Leaf Enthusiast - Vicarias Blue Label - 9/10 - "... a very nice medium-bodied, medium-strength smoke with a decent amount of complexity and a very pleasant flavor profile...”

Oct 2014 - Leaf Enthusiast - Vicarias White Label - 8.5/10 - "... if you’re in the mood for a mild cigar, it turns out that the Vicarias White is a good one. I would also rank this among the best cigars for first-time (or almost first-time) smokers..."


Find a TRE J        CIGARS Premier Retailer

TRE J CIGARS encourages everyone to support their local brick & mortar tobacco shop. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to live near one or, if they do, they may not carry VICARIAS or INVICTIS yet. If that's the case, one of our Premier Retailers - The Party Source in Bellevue, KY, will be happy to ship them to you!

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